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How to Cut and Paste Tiles

Have you ever used "cut and paste" feature for tiles? If you have never tried that, let me teach you how to do it.
As you know already, to make some changes in your layout, you should turn on the edit mode first. You can easily toggle on and off the edit mode in the page manager that is open by pinch-in gesture.

Page manager

When you toggle on the edit button on the bottom, you can see the "+" tile in your page layout and edit something.

1. Selecting multiple tiles

Let's try to long-press a tile on the page. You will get some buttons on the tile like this.

To get in the selection mode, press the green multi-select button on the center. As soon as you get into the selection mode, three buttons (Style, Cut and Remove) appears on the top of the screen and you can tap each tile to select or deselect.

Selection mode: 3 tiles selected

2. Cutting selected tiles

As you saw already, there are three buttons on the top in the selection mode. The first one with pallet icon is to change the style of the selected tiles and the last red one with trash can is to remove them. Here we are talking about the second one with scissors icon to cut the selections.

3. Paste tiles

When you have tiles cut, pressing the "+" tile shows one more item, "Paste", in the popup menu. If you want to paste the tiles onto another page, just press the "+" tile on the page. If you want to paste the tiles into a tile group, open the tile group and then press the "+" tile in it. If you have cut only one tile, you can paste it onto a cube by pressing the "+" on an empty face. So easy and clear, isn't it?

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