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1. Can I use this launcher continuously after the 14 days trial?

Yes, you can. But the trial features (options) will be locked and not effected until you buy the key.

2. How to add a new page?

You can access to the page manager and menu by pinch-in gesture in default settings.
To add a new page, press the "New page" button on the bottom. You can add app drawer or contacts "as a page" as well.

Page manager

3. How to remove "+" tile?

Just turn the edit mode off! Edit mode can be toggled by pressing the "locker" button on the bottom of the page manager (referred above).

4. 3 columns of tile is too few, how can I make it 4 columns?

It depends on "tile size", which can be changed in "Tile size & styles" of the home options. I recommend you to try "Tile size wizard" in it. It will help you setting the tile size to fit the screen by the number of columns that you want.

5. Stuck to "portrait" orientation on my tablet!

It's because your tablet has "tall screen". You can change the "screen orientation" to landscape or other in "Home options" > "Behavior & UI". Home options is accessible in the menu or the app drawer.

6. The margins are too big on my tablet. How to reduce it?

You can set the margins when "Tablet mode" is on in "Home options" > "Behavior & UI".

7. "Blank" and "Divider" widget is not fully transparent!

Just turn the edit mode off! Edit mode can be toggled by pressing the "locker" button on the bottom of the page manager (referred in the item 2).

8. How can I add 3rd party widgets onto the home?

Press the "+" tile > select "Widget" > select "Android widget".
After adding a widget, try to input negative values for margin options (long-press it > press the option icon > select "margins"). You can make the widget content fulled on the tile.

9. How to make tile show some notification or count?

You have some options in Home options > Notification on tile.
There are 3 options to make it get notifications.

-  Notifications: It will let you enable Square Home to make it access notifications. It delivers the notification messages from the status bar to the proper app tile. Since the count retrieved from the notifications, it might not be accurate generally. So I recommend keeping "Use notification icon" turned on.

- Unread Gmails: It will count unread emails directly from Gmail inbox. You should allow some permissions to make it work. This shows the accurate count on Gmail app even when "Use notification icon" is on.

- Third party APIs: Some apps support unofficial badge counts APIs (Android framework defines no API for badge count at all). These API was defined differently by device manufacturers or famous 3rd party launchers (such as ADW launcher). A few apps and stock apps support these APIs.

10. My photo slide widget does not show the photos in SD-card.

When you set the image folder of the photo slide, you should navigate into the SD-card ID formed like XXXX-XXXX. Generally, the full path looks like /storage/XXXX-XXXX/(your image folder).

11. I want to make an full image stuck on the tile without switching the small app icon.

When you set a full image on tile, it is switching repeatedly between the small app and the full image in default. To stop this animation, just turn off "Animate full image" in the extra option of the tile.

12. Why are the permissions required so much?

It's because all of them are needed to implement such great features. Please read the following link to know where the permissions are used.

I never interest in your personal information at all.

13. Is there any way to reduce used RAM?

Basically, this launcher uses very small memory in default settings.
The amount of used memory (RAM) depends on how many images and widgets you are using. The more images and widgets require the more memory.
There are 2 suggestions to save the memory:

- Put some heavy widgets into a tile group. The widgets will be created only while the tile group is open.
- Use jpg/jpeg image instead of png image. It uses only 1/2 memory of png image.

14. How to backup current page layouts and settings?

Square Home supports a very powerful tool for backup and restore in "Backup center" that can be accessed by pressing the menu button on the bottom of the page manager (refer to the item 2).

Creating backup:
- open the menu and select "backup center".
- press "+ (backup)" on the action bar to create a backup for current settings.
- enter the backup name.

- open the backup center.
- just to tap a backup to restore.
- reconfigure the 3rd party widgets (if exists) by tapping one by one.

Exporting backup:
- open the backup center.
- long-press a backup or tap the icon of the backup.
- press the save button on the action bar.
- select a folder to save the backup as a zip file.

Importing backup:
- open the backup center.
- press the second button (import) on the action bar.
- navigate and select the exported backup file (zip).

15. How to make the app drawer sorted always by name?

The sort button on the bottom menu bar of the app drawer is "temporary sort". You have another option titled "sorting options", persistent one, in home options > app drawer. Change it from "smart" to "name".
But I strongly recommend you to use "smart". It sorts the items by the using pattern of the each apps. It records the time of day, location and phone status such as head set plugged or not when you launch an app. And the best apps is sorted to the top by the current time of day, location and phone status.

16. How the themes for Square Home can be applied?

The old version of Square Home and theme is not available currently.

17. I cannot uninstall it. How?

If you activated the launcher as a device administrator to use "screen lock" feature, deactivate it first in system settings > security > device administrators.

18. How to hide apps and show them back?

You can hide an app by long-pressing it in app drawer and pressing "-" button on it. All hidden apps are shown by selecting "hidden" category after pressing tag button on the bottom menu bar in app drawer. To set an app shown back in the list, just long-press the app and press "+" button on it.

19. It seems to consume a lot of battery.

Basically, this app does nothing in background. If your battery has drained faster than before, there would be another reason. The best way to find out the reason is to check the "battery usage" report in the system settings. It shows you how much battery is consumed by each app or module. If it says SH2 consumes much battery, one of the 3rd party widget you added could be a reason.

20. How to reset the password?

Just leave the input filed blank when you set the password again.

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